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  • Date Published: Monday, March 04, 2013
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Joy McCarthy is a Holistic Nutritionist, corporate wellness speaker, nutrition expert for the Global TV Morning Show, author, Faculty Member at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well and nutrition coach globally.

Her journey to health began in her late teens when she suffered from hormonal imbalance, digestive problems and anxiety. In an effort to find the answer to balance her hormones, she went from one specialist to the next. The only solutions presented to her were medication after medication to alleviate the symptoms. After three years of this search for answers, she decided to stop looking for a cure and address the root cause of her hormonal imbalance.

This is where everything changed.

Through her education, visiting a Nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctor, changing her diet, addressing her lifestyle and taking nutritional supplements, she was able to completely balance her hormones and feel amazing again. The same is true for clients that joyous health has helped over the years – when the root cause is addressed and an all-encompassing approach is taken, the result is optimal health.


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