I am listening to your show this morning - 10/22. Your guest has listed 3 different supplements and wonder which is best for my husband has severe knee pain - loss of cartilage. Would Fast Joint Care Plus be the best product to take or Arthritis Relief Plus? Thank you. Marie

  • Date Published: Saturday, October 22, 2011
  • Posted By: Lisa Live
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Hi Marie

Thanks for writing. I checked with Jean-Yves Dionne (my guest expert about joint health) and this was his response:

"The choice of product depends on the amount of pain and swelling. If there is a lot of pain, then the Fast Back Care + product is indicated (3 capsules daily). If the pain is not very great and there is no swelling OR once you have reduced the pain with the Fast Back Care + then Fast Arthritis Relief + would be best indicated (2 capsules daily). Fast Arthritis Relief + Is best indicated for osteoarthritis and loss of cartilage. To sum up, both can be used but the one more effective to help rebuild the cartilage is Fast Arthritis Relief +. 

In health,

Jean-Yves Dionne"

Marie, let me know if you still have questions or concerns!

Make it a beautiful day!




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