I am so tired and overwhelmed and I don't know what to do. I have 2 kids who I love and they could be a full-time job, except I have a full-time job. Then, there's the housework and the yard to take care of. I fall into bed each night, but lay awake for hours worrying about time and the bills and my relationship with my husband who often feels more like a co-worker. I'm overweight, which depresses me, but I don't have the energy to do anything about it. I'm wondering if this is all there is to life? I used to have so many dreams and plans. I want things to change, but don't know where to start. Can you help me? Thanks, Karen

  • Date Published: Saturday, October 08, 2011
  • Posted By: Lisa Live
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Hi Karen. Thanks for writing! Great questions that I know apply to so many people!. I answered your question on air, during the October 8 show with Gloria Messenger and me. Please listen in to the podcast, available through the Radio Show or Podcast section of the site.

Also, be sure to register to download my free e-book Feed Your Soul: A Guide to Nourishing Body + Spirit via the home page.

Make it a beautiful day,


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