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  • Date Published: Tuesday, September 18, 2012
  • Posted By: Lisa Live
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Have you ever considered how many times a day you don’t even think about options; you simply coast on your auto-pilot? For example, you might get up and plug in the kettle, like you do every morning, without even thinking about whether or not you want tea today.

Granted, in some ways, being on auto-pilot frees up our brains for other activities. Leaving for work at the same time and taking the same route may bring comfort as you start your day.

Sometimes, however, the actions we take on auto-pilot aren’t so good for us. Have you ever considered how listening to that radio morning show on the way to work makes you feel? Are you relaxed and empowered as you start your day? Or does it make you feel judgmental and critical of your co-workers before you even park the car?

And what about those co-workers? Do you let them make all the decisions about how your day will roll out? Do you join in on the office gossip or whinge-fest? Do you think the same way about Billy that everyone else in the office does, although you’ve never said more than ‘hello’ to him? Do you break at the same time every day, and eat the same food? Does a coffee always mean a cigarette, too?

Make a habit of coming off auto-pilot throughout the day. Catch yourself doing what you always do, and take stock about whether or not it serves you in that moment. Does it feel good? Is your current choice helping you, or hurting you? Are your habits ones you are proud of, or could they use a little revamping?

Today, I’m asking a lot of questions! This time you’re the one with the answers you need to live vibrantly.

Until next time,

Let’s all walk the talk!

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