Jack Davidson offers an immune system primer.

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  • Date Published: Thursday, September 13, 2012
  • Posted By: Lisa Live
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Every day we are exposed to innumerable toxins and chemicals in the environment that can cause serious damage to our bodies and to our health. These toxins can be significant contributors to the development of many chronic diseases, including cancer and heart disease. From pesticides and herbicides to exhaust fumes to heavy metals in the foods we eat, it is impossible to avoid exposure to these hazardous substances.

Once inside our bodies, toxic chemicals damage our cells and DNA, and weaken the immune system. In theory, the immune system has so many built-in fail-safes that we should rarely fall ill. But the fact is – the sheer number of toxicity we are exposed to daily, along with aging and other lifestyle factors – can simply lead to immune system overload.

In the new book Immunity – Thrive in a Toxic World, Jack Davidson and Alan Fergusson explain how this is especially detrimental, given that the immune system is an essential line of defence against the very toxins we encounter daily. But the immune system is also meant to detect invaders and protects us against the damage they can cause. Unfortunately, constant exposure to toxins can throw this highly tuned system out of balance, leading to greater and more serious health problems. When the immune system is out of balance there is an increased susceptibility to disease, an increased risk of auto immune disorders and a reduced ability to fight infections.

Jack Davidson joins us this week to offer some back-to-school immune system support!

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