Lisa Live Radio RSS Feedhttp://www.lisalive.caCopyright www.lisalive.ca5 Easy Steps to your Ideal WeightJust wondering: are you fed up with gimmick diets with over-the-top promises? 7:28:02 PMNutritionist Lisa Kilgour discusses The Alkaline AdvantageLearn how to get a spring in your step simply by tweaking your menu! 7:20:38 PMMarva Ward explains celiac disease and gluten intolerance + how to heal.Digestive troubles are only one indication of problems caused by gluten. Do you know all the symptoms? Plus tips for healing. 5:10:25 PM1 in 103 are diagnosed with celiac disease.Countless others suffer from non-celiac gluten intolerance. Learn the symptoms + how to heal with nutritionist Marva Ward 1:50:57 PMIt's almost time for shorts, t-shirts + the blessed bathing suit. Are you ready?Lisa shares tips to help you get ship-shape for summer. 5:11:17 PMFoods that Fuel Fat LossA healthy 'diet' isn't about deprivation - but the foods you choose can boost your chances of burning extra fat! 11:49:29 PMComing clean in a toxic world, with the help of Caroline Farquhar.Signs that you might need to detoxify + the benefits of cleansing. (PLUS some bathroom humour.) 11:06:44 PMSpring into Your Summer Body6 Week Kick-Start program starts soon. Early-bird registration has begun! 1:33:36 PMHere I am in the National Post: 140 words or less!We hear it all the time: “Oh, I’m getting old.” We wear like an odd badge of honor. But what If the little aches, pains and bouts of forgetfulness have nothing to do with the calendar? 6:14:25 PMComing clean in a toxic world.Nutrition expert Caroline Farquhar explains that the best defence is a good offence. 3:52:42 PMOptions for healing all aspects of your life with Inspiration Coach Sue London.Be open-minded when it comes to healing. 8:01:38 PMFeeling lucky?What if it isn’t luck? What if it’s choice? 2:38:02 PMHealing comes in many forms.Inspiration Coach Sue London shares her story, including how her pets helped her heal. 2:19:34 PMGetting the most of your food with nutritionist Joy McCarthy.It's Nutrition Month - but there's no reason you can't follow this advice all year! 5:17:25 PMIt's Nutrition Month!Nutritionist Joy McCarthy shares tips to get the most bang from your nutritional buck. 6:57:50 PMKeeping cells healthy keeps you healthy.Sometimes, it's the little things that really are the big things. Like cells. Learn the importance of cleansing to support vibrant health. 7:58:29 PMSpring Clean Your BodyYou may not consider yourself sick, you certainly don’t feel ‘healthy.’ This will help. 1:51:58 PMYour health is your greatest asset.While you may not consider yourself sick, you certainly don’t feel ‘healthy.’ More like stuck. Maybe even grumpy. And definitely lethargic. This show will help set you on a healthier path. 3:38:16 PMChatting or Cheating? Detect Infidelity + Rebuild Love with Dr. Sheri MeyersDr. Sheri Meyers explains how to protect your relationship, and heal it if it's on shaky ground. 8:50:16 PMOn the next show, Dr. Sheri Meyers shares tips to heal your heart.February is heart health month.This show will help prevent - or heal - your broken heart. 7:47:21 PMSeparating organic facts from fiction with Marva WardMarva Ward explains the organic differences - and gets a little raw... 6:23:14 PMLadies, here's a way to show your breasts some love!Plant isoflavones 'support' breast health. Yup, I went there. 2:18:39 PMSeparating the organic facts from the myths with Marva Ward.If you’ve ever wondered what the organic food fuss is all about, nutrition expert Marva Ward joins us to explain the differences between organic and conventionally grown food. 7:24:54 PMFree Online Health AssessmentFor any trip - even the journey to optimum health - you need to know where you are before you know where you are before you plan your route. 7:21:26 PMTeresa Tapp explains brain/body fitness PLUS easy moves for everyone.Along with some 'chair exercises', Teresa offers valuable shoveling tips for those digging out from the recent big snow storm! 5:55:27 PMLose weight, feel great, and get rid of the peri-menopausal muffin topJust because you’re over 35 doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel slim, sexy, and happy. But you may find the tools in your old bag of tricks may not work like they used to. 10:08:04 PMLearn the difference that Mindful Movement makes.Exercise physiologist and rehabilitative trainer Teresa Tapp explains the mind-body connection to fitness. 4:38:20 PMFinding healthy balance with Lynsey WalkerFood blogger and educator Lynsey Walker shares what she learned on her journey to optimal health. 8:44:41 PMFinding balance.Food blogger shares her journey to health. 12:59:56 AMLisa explains how to create healthy skin from the inside - and why it matters!Having great skin is NOT a superficial goal: skin reflects the state of your inner health! 1:35:31 PMJean-Yves Dionne explains how to protect yourself from this nasty flu.Tips to keep you vertical this winter! 6:14:24 PMIt's a nasty flu bug this year.Jean-Yves Dionne explains how to protect yourself - and how to heal if the bug bites. 4:10:50 PMThis is why you're not letting go of the extra fat:It's not about 'calories in + calories out.' Learn some key steps to letting go of extra fat. 5:50:53 PMLisa talks about toxins in home and personal care products.Your choice of shampoo won't kill you. Or will it? Learn what to consider when choosing products for your home and body. 7:12:44 PMTalk nicely to yourself.Staying positive is the key to getting good results! 6:18:57 PMCreating a healthy attitude for a healthy new year!Listen as I share some easy-breezy tips for creating vibrant health in 2013! 5:29:16 PMYou have the power to transform your body.Create the body you want - for real - with the Un-Diet Body Transformation Program. 2:45:55 PMWake up with Vitamin D!Research supports supplemental vitamin D for your health - especially if you're having trouble staying awake! 2:31:34 PMHow to be successful with your healthy resolutionsOn the next show, I'll answer your healthy living questions! 3:33:53 PMThe science of energy healing with Cyrus MehtaWhy energy medicine is not a bunch of whoo-hoo malarky. 7:22:43 PMThe science behind energy healing.Cyrus Mehta explains how energy healing fits the science: it's not all whoo-hoo. 5:27:47 PMA lovely bunch of health benefits of coconut with nutritionist Kathy Maraz.Why to include a 'lovely bunch of coconuts' in your diet with culinary nutritionist Kathy Maraz. 2:54:42 PMGluten-free Coconut MacaroonsEnjoy this recipe created by culinary nutritionist Kathy Maraz. 9:11:10 PM'Less and more' tips to enjoy holiday get-togethers; on the Tom McConnell showHoliday get-togethers can be challenging. Stay in a joyful mood with these simple tips! 9:46:13 PMI've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...Learn the health benefits of nature's perfect food with culinary nutritionist Kathy Maraz. 7:37:03 PMGeorge Hildebrandt explains the superfood maca.You may not have heard of this amazing superfood yet, so here's your primer! 5:44:26 PMCheck out the Living, Unlmited 2013 line up!Forget new year's resolutions - it's time for a new year reVolution in life, love, money, career and health! 3:35:10 PMHave you heard of maca?This superfood was once reserved for royalty. George Hildebrandt explains. 6:37:50 PMMarva Ward discusses immune system health.'Tis cold and flu season. Are you prepared? 1:34:26 AMLiving, Unlimited Expo 2013It's time for a New Year's ReVolution in relationships, money, career and health! 4:37:54 PMBeautiful, healthy giftsWe spend billions on body care products over the holidays. Be sure they are safe! 4:30:55 PMA gift for you!Here are some tips to get through December with your sanity - and your waistline - intact! 4:04:24 PMTime for a healthy resolution.Make 2013 the year you get fit and fabulous. Yes, you can - and I can help. 2:44:17 PMSnuff the sniffles by supporting your immune system.It's not only the holiday season, it's cold and flu season. Marva Ward shares tips to help you prevent the bugs from catching you. 6:35:55 PMA gift for you! Tips for healthy holidays.Let go of 'perfection' this holiday season so you can get through December with your sanity - and your waistline - intact. 6:04:02 PM2012 Show GalleryHere is the 2012 compete line-up of shows and links at a glance! 4:34:03 PMIf you have IBS or Crohn's, this could help.Learn how to tweak your diet to minimize discomfort. 8:08:37 PMHealthy givingYou're making your list and checking it twice. While you're at it, check those labels to make sure the body care you're giving this year is non-toxic. 8:03:08 PMMitigating menopausal mayhem with Dr. Donata Girolamo.Learn what you can do to support your body through this natural life transition so you don't feel like you're on a carnival ride. 6:50:20 PMUp. Down. Stop. Start. Yep. This is menopause.Dr. Donata Girolamo navigates a route through this natural life phase on the next show. 3:27:01 PMDr. Marita Schauch explains thyroid health.Just because you haven't been diagnosed doesn't mean your thyroid is completely healthy. Listen in! 10:49:30 PMWe've been nominated!Best Health and Wellness Media Personality PLUS Best Health and Wellness Resource: Radio and Television 7:55:28 PMAmy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you areBody language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how 10:48:06 PMUp to one third of adults have thyroid imbalances.Less than half of those people know it. Dr. Marita Schauch wll explain what to look for, on the next show. 9:20:43 PMJean-Yves Dionne explains how to protect the prostate.80% of men will experience enlarged prostate (BPH) by age 80. Learn how to slow the progression of BPH through diet, lifestyle and supplementation. 1:49:40 PMOn Tom McConnell's show, Lisa explains how mindset blocks successful change.Lisa explains how fear and mindset get in the way of success in creating new habits and reaching goals - and what you can do about it. 7:13:48 PMIn honour of Movember, Jean-Yves Dionne spotlights prostate health.Growing a moustache may be a good excuse to avoid a blade, but let's put the focus where it needs to go! 4:36:09 PMBrad King explains the aging effects of stress. Learn to put on the brakes!Brad King explains how to prevent stress from robbing your sleep, energy and vitality - and your good mood! Plus: why stress makes us prone to injury! 1:00:34 PMBrad King discusses the Stress Effect.We have all seen Presidents age drastically after a term or two but has stress ever been proven to age us? 2:59:53 PMDive or wade in?What is the best way to change? Cold turkey or baby steps? 5:25:19 PMBruce Krahn busts fitness myths and will inspire you get moving!Learn why calorie burning isn't the end of the story when it comes to fitness benefits plus how to feed your exercise. 7:57:04 PMDentist Dr. Uche Odiatu talks about the mouth/body connection.Your dentist can tell you a lot about your health in as little as 60 seconds. Have a listen to discover why oral health matters. 5:48:40 PMHear 'Ask Lisa' from the Tom McConnell show on 610CKTBI joined Tom McConnell of 610CKTB in-studio for a chat, and to answer listener questions. I may have answered your question - even if you aren't the one who asked it! 9:15:21 PMPractical advice for creating the body + the life you want!Do you still dream of fitting into your little black dress for New Year’s eve? 8:50:29 PMFitness expert Bruce Krahn will reboot your fitness plan.Bruce will get you motivated to start moving your body as the days get shorter and cooler. 12:53:44 PMMarva Ward explains how to support memory, concentration and brain health.Marva explains life cyle requirements for brain health. 3:13:20 PMDo you know GMO?Thirteen-year-old Rachel Parent does, and she wants you to know about it too. Learn how she's walking her talk. 10:09:18 PMLook your fear in the eye.Fear of change keeps us unfit and unhealthy. Learn how to overcome it to create vibrant health. 4:32:23 PMMarva Ward explains how to feed your brain.Where are those car keys? Learn which nutrients nourish your memory, concentration and focus. 1:21:42 PMDr. Gifford-Jones shares heart-loving tips.Learn about the most powerful health strategies for your cardiovascular system. 1:14:10 PM'Tis the season for sneezin'.Learn simple tips for prevention and relief of symptoms. 5:02:45 PMLisa visits Tom McConnell on 610CKTB to talk cold + fluT'is the season for sneezin'. Hear some fast and easy tips for prevention and treatment! 4:18:05 PMDr. Gifford-Jones talks about your heart.Learn the lastest research on cardiovascular health, and how to easily show your heart the love. 1:42:01 PMDr. Jonathan Beatty discusses muscle building for health and independence.Learn why muscles matter at every age and stage. 12:23:45 PMWhere in the world is Lisa in October?Check out our upcoming show topics and Lisa's goings-on. 5:23:42 PMDr. Jonathan Beatty strengthens your muscles.Muscles aren't just for body builders. Learn how to stay tall, lean + independent! 9:44:10 AMBe okay with imperfection'If it's worth doing, it's worth doing badly.' BK Chesterton 1:05:37 PMOn the next show, Dr. Uche Odiatu looks health in the mouth.You will be amazed what your mouth reveals about your overall health. 9:27:40 AMSam Graci + Marie-Josee Labelle discuss energy rejuvenation.Learn how to restore, revitalize and renew your energy. 8:45:35 PMLisa's Secrets for Feeling Great + Looking FabulousIncludes a time-limited offer. 6:43:42 PMLisa's Secrets for Feeling Great + Looking Fabulous!Includes an offer that expires Oct 1 at midnight. Listen now! 6:37:59 PMTurn off the auto-pilotDo your daily habits help you, or hurt you - and are you even aware of them? 2:08:25 PMHealth guru Sam Graci helps stoke the energy fires.Are you on track with your health goals? Let's check in. 9:38:43 PMStay healthy: learn immune system tips from Jack DavidsonKids get up to 12 colds a year (and they bring them all home!) Learn how to protect youself from this and other immune system assaults. 8:52:48 PMJack Davidson offers an immune system primer.Back to school. Back to bugs.(Why is the kids always want to share the germs?) 1:06:05 PMBetter Nutrition Magazine :: Supplements, Nutrition, Recipes, Personal Care :: Features :: Feature ArticlesI was interviewed in Better Nutrition magazine about 'feeding your beauty.' Enjoy! 5:04:32 PMAlex Guerrero talks about pain reliefThe saying goes: "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." Learn pain management tips with Alex Guerrero! (No more suffering!) 4:38:01 PMFREE Tele-Class: Secrets to Feeling Great + Looking FabulousLearn the simple strategies I use to help my body operate in top form. 2:38:04 PMAlex Guerrero talks pain relief.Alex Guerrero explains pain relief at the cellular level + tips to heal and repair damaged tissue. 3:16:45 PMWhere's Lisa in September?Lisa will be out and about in September. Here's the show line-up, and more! 12:14:33 AM