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  • Date Published: Tuesday, August 20, 2013
  • Posted By: Lisa Live
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I was at one of those 'home parties' in support of my friend's daughter's new business a week ago, and the experience got me thinking. If you and I sat down for a cuppa green tea together and I were to ask you if you value your health, you’d likely say ‘yes,’ wouldn't you? If I asked you why you value your health, you might say that you want to be around for your children/grandchildren (or, if you’re like me, future grand-children and great grandchildren!) Or you might say that you have lots to accomplish, and want to feel great, be in a positive mood, or have enough energy to be here long enough to get it all done.

But if I asked you how much you value your health, how would you answer me? What is your health worth to you? What price tag would you put on something intangible like that? And is your answer in alignment with the value you place on your health?

Cost vs value

The reason I raise this point is because I’ve found that, too often, people’s wallets aren’t saying the same thing as their mouths are. In other words, I hear that people “can’t afford” to make choices that support their health; to buy nutritious food; to use supplements daily; to buy natural beauty care products and makeup and, of course, to work with a coach to get the advice and support necessary for lifelong vibrant health.

And yet.

Very often, these self-same folks treat themselves to weekly or bi-weekly manicures, they buy six purses when one will do, and they check out all the sales at the mall. So if this sounds familiar to you, here’s my high coach’s request: if you believe you can’t afford to work with a coach or make different choices at the grocery store, consider whether it’s really about the money – or is it more about the value? Is your health worth the money? Are you?

And, yes, I’m likely pushing some buttons.

But here’s the thing. We women aren’t encouraged to take care of ourselves. Yes, we’re encouraged to buy nice things and wear pretty clothes, but taking time to exercise is selfish. Spending money on self-care is indulgent. Focusing on maintaining a healthy body is self-centred. We’re supposed to be nice to look at while we put everyone else’s needs first. No wonder we’re confused about our value. No wonder it feels icky dedicating financial resources to ourselves.

It’s messed up and backwards, of course, because when you invest in your health, your sense of personal value starts to climb. You have more energy. You’re in a happier, more optimistic mood. You have the mental clarity to make better decisions. You make more choices that support you and your value. You realize that retail therapy only helps the retailers. You stop buying stuff in an attempt to fill the void that comes when you feel purposeless, directionless and valueless – meaning, you just could have more money in your pocket down the road. Hmmmm.

Today is a great day to take the first step toward vibrant health. Make one choice today in which your money follows the value you place on your health. Buy the organic apples instead of the conventional ones. (Apples are one of the most chemical-laden fruits you can buy, increasing your body’s burden of toxins.) Choose the non-toxic nail polish. (Yes, there are beautiful colours!) Sign up to work with a health expert to get the personalized care and attention you deserve. Because? You’re worth it. (Leave a comment below to let me know what choice you made!)

Until next time,
I wish you vibrant health and a beautiful day!

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