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  • Date Published: Monday, June 03, 2013
  • Posted By: Lisa Live
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I want to let you know about an awesome event for stressed out mothers that I am part of that kicks off today…
Several of my colleagues and I partnered up to support you as you glide from stressed and shouty to calm, confident, and back in control – and contribute to your success with fabulous calm mum free gifts, valued over $800!

As you can imagine, this is a pretty unique opportunity and these gifts will not be up for a long time, so hurry to the event site and claim your free gifts while they are still available.

The site to go to is:

See you there!

Here’s just a sampling of the great topics you’ll find there:

• 21 Instant Energy Shortcuts
• Magical Me Time Kit
• Working Mom Success Kit
• Misery Detox 7 Day Audio Program
• and much more!

You cannot miss these fabulous gifts that were created specifically for you! Sign up now at:

Wishing you vibrant health and a beautiful day!


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